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Qualis Group – shaping our communities for tomorrow

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An innovative new company ‘Qualis Group’ has been established by Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) to ensure that the council’s objectives to create more jobs, grow the local economy, improve housing and public amenities are achieved going forward. With central Government funding to councils being reduced from 2020/2021, EFDC has embraced the commercial opportunities that will provide funding back to the Council.

Paul ffolkes Davis, Chair of Qualis Group said, “We are excited that Qualis Group has been set up to shape our community by investing, building, maintaining and renewing the places where we work, live and play. Through early and ongoing engagement with local residents we will create much needed homes, business opportunities, a strong sense of community and new amenities for everyone to enjoy.

“We believe in doing business well and creating great places for people to thrive in and our vision is to leave a legacy for generations to come.”

Qualis Group will initially contain three subsidiary companies, Qualis Commercial, Qualis Management and Qualis Living. Each of these companies will have a common purpose to enhance the District through regeneration, investment and asset management to support the community.

A major focus across all companies will be to continually deliver ‘Quality’ – this is underpinned by the Companies names deriving from the Latin meaning.

Under the Group, Qualis Commercial, the development company will build exciting new quality schemes while the investment company, Qualis Living, will own and manage the asset for long term rental. Qualis Management will deliver high-quality services to residents across the District. With a significant degree of autonomy, Qualis will be able to respond dynamically to market opportunities in a way the Council cannot.

Qualis Group is delighted to have also established a new Community Interest Company (CIC) that will actively be involved in all new developments.  The CIC role will ensure that a sustainable approach is adopted, and consideration given to the social and general wellbeing of the public.

With a ‘new normal’ emerging post-Covid ‘walkable communities’ will play a key role in the growth of the area and emphasis will be focussed on provision of quality designed affordable homes, commercial opportunities and great outdoor spaces to enjoy.

The Local Plan has already identified sites for new homes and has created a framework for the exciting growth of the District which will provide homes for the future and infrastructure to support it. A key focus of Qualis Group will be to protect the character and appearance of the District and the green environment which helps to make it special.

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