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We are a property management company, developer and council services provider. We build much-needed new homes and commercial buildings and deliver quality housing maintenance, repairs and grounds services on behalf of Epping Forest District Council (‘the Council’).

We are wholly owned by Epping Forest District Council.

Qualis Group was created by Epping Forest District Council in 2019. Epping Forest District Council recognised that it could generate additional value for the District by establishing a company to deliver some property-related council services and infrastructure on its behalf.

By being in public ownership, we remain accountable to both Epping Forest District Council and its residents, and are able to act commercially to generate returns which can be reinvested back into the community.

This model offers the best of private and public service delivery. It means that customer satisfaction, high-quality service delivery, regeneration and community investment drive our decision-making process.

In parallel, by using our commercial skills and experience to deliver these services and assets in the most cost-efficient way, we aim not only to be financially self-sustaining but to create a surplus that can deliver even more community benefit.

All details can be found here. This page will be updated as and when changes occur.

Qualis reports to its 100% shareholder, Epping Forest District Council through the Shareholder Agreement reporting at Cabinet and Council meetings. Reports are available via the Council’s website


Qualis Group is the parent company of Qualis Commercial and Qualis Property Solutions.

Qualis Commercial is building new homes, commercial space and public amenities across the District. The Commercial arm of the business also manages a portfolio of properties it owns and on behalf of the Council.

Qualis Property Solutions provides the highest quality day-to-day repairs, planned maintenance and emergency repair services for the 6,500 customers renting their homes from Epping Forest District Council. Qualis Property Solutions also manage grounds maintenance services on their behalf.

We received a loan from the Council when we were established in 2019 and have received further loans to support our development activity. We are repaying these loans with an additional margin on the loan interest and have already returned £2m back to the Council. We will continue to provide the Council with £2m of this margin benefit on loan interest payments each year.

This money can be used to support the Council in investing more in the community – into new homes and infrastructure, improved services and facilities – while keeping council tax as low as possible.

We are also focused on delivering our services as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. In doing so, we offer additional value to both the Council and residents. As an example, the programme efficiencies we have achieved in Qualis Property Solutions have enabled us to offer our Community Benefit Fund.  

As some of our major key complete, further value will be returned to the Council and reinvested back into the community.

We completed our first major project in 2023, with the delivery of the new Cottis Yard car park. This car park replaces that of the old on Bakers Lane and paves the way for the Council to deliver a new community leisure centre. 

Our first new homes will be available to buy from spring 2024. You can visit our new homes sales website to find out more. 

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