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Protecting the future of our planet is fundamental to what we do


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint across our operations to become a carbon zero business by 2050.

Our commitment forms part of our corporate objectives.

How we do this

A group of engineers are looking at a blueprint for construction

All our developments include a range of sustainability features to promote reduced emissions through efficient energy and resource solutions

CGI image of St Johns Neighbourhood

We strive to improve biodiversity across our developments, incorporating green spaces and nature corridors to protect our valuable flora and fauna

Group of small qualis branded vans

We’re making the shift to electric transport across our fleet to reduce our carbon emissions, with 10% of our fleet now electric and an aim to increase this to 25% by 2025

Looking ahead

We will carry out a carbon audit in 2024. The results will set the benchmark from which we can start our journey to becoming a carbon net zero business by 2050.

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