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Work to take place to protect and maintain the Great Crested Newts habitat during development works

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Qualis has secured a licence from Natural England for minor works to take place at its Conder development at one boundary to enclose the Great Crested Newt Pond to protect and maintain their habitat during the redevelopment works and beyond. These works are essential at this time to facilitate the development works.

Specialist ecology surveys will be undertaken initially, followed by the introduction of an exclusion zone. Following this some vegetation will be cut back in accordance with an agreed vegetation retention plan and an existing boundary wall will be removed in order to relocate an adjoining substation.

A permanent boundary wall will be reintroduced to ensure the newts are protected throughout the works.

All the works are being undertaken in accordance with the Licence granted to Qualis by Natural England and are expected to be completed on Monday 3rd October.

Redevelopment works are expected to begin in early 2023.

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