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7 people in a playground holding a cheque for £50,000

Celebrations over the weekend saw the much-anticipated new playground at Lower Swaines Recreation Ground officially open after three years of fundraising by Epping Playground Association.

An initial fundraising target was set at £120,000 with generous donations secured from local businesses, the community and grant applications to help the Playground Association reach a staggering £84,000.

The target was finally reached early thanks to a financial contribution from Qualis Group as part of the Greenspace Improvement contributions from its St John’s redevelopment, allowing the much-needed community facility to be delivered sooner.

Sacha Jevans, Group Managing Director of Qualis Group comments, “Through the support of our shareholder Epping Forest District Council we were able to bring forward the money to help the Playground Association exceed their fundraising target and deliver this fantastic new community facility ahead of schedule. Well done to all the trustees on their hard work raising this money which was made even more challenging by the pandemic.”

Cllr Holly Whitbread comments, “I was delighted to see the completion of the new Playground, at Lower Swaines in Epping.  After years of under investment, Epping Lower Swaines finally has the playground it deserves. Epping Playground Association have done a wonderful job at raising the funds with the support of the community including the District and County Council, local businesses, and residents. I was delighted to help secure £50,000 of funding from the s106 payments for the new developments in the centre of Epping and ensure the monies were brought forward. This is a brilliant playground for all ages, and I look forward to seeing children and young people in Epping benefit from it.”

Qualis is committed to improving Epping not just with its developments but for the wider community through its section 106 contributions.

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