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Cottis Yard car park – important notice

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The safety of the community is our number one priority.

In response to safety concerns raised about the potential for the perimeter balustrading in the Cottis Yard car park to be climbed, Qualis advises it is taking the following proactive action:

  1. The upper levels of the car park are temporarily closed with immediate effect.
  2. Perimeter fencing is being installed and secured today (15 December 2023) around the balustrading on the upper levels.

The upper levels of the car park will reopen once this additional fencing is installed and secured.

We would like to assure the community that the Cottis Yard car park has been independently assessed as being compliant with all safety regulations. These precautionary measures are proactively being put in place while we investigate the concerns raised and implement any mitigation measures.

We will provide further updates in due course.

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