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Community benefits and small grants fund

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If you are involved in or know of a fantastic community-focused event or project benefitting Epping Forest District Council housing tenants, why not apply for funding through Qualis’ Community Benefit Fund?

Launched in January 2024 in partnership with Epping Forest District Council, the Fund provides financial support to organisations, community groups and charities across the Epping Forest District who are making a positive difference in our community.

Applications are particularly welcomed from those who can show how their project or event is helping create new jobs and training opportunities, supporting health and well-being, regenerating the area and making the Epping Forest District a more sustainable place to live.

There are two levels of support available: Community Small Grants of up to £500 which are designed to support smaller, ad-hoc initiatives and Community Partnerships of up to £5,000 for larger projects which deliver benefit over a longer period of time.

The Community Benefit Fund has been created through the surplus that Qualis Property Solutions has generated by delivering services as efficiently as possible. As a company that is 100% owned by the Council, any surplus we generate is reinvested back into the community we serve.

“The Community Benefit Fund is just one way in which Qualis is giving back to the community,” said QPS Managing Director Ben Johnson.

“We are excited to see the Fund launch and invite applications from community groups who are as passionate as we are about making the Epping Forest District a vibrant and thriving place to live and work,” he added.

Councillor Holly Whitbread commented:

“The Community Benefit Fund is a fantastic example of the additional value Qualis is delivering to the community. I encourage everyone to have a look at the scheme and submit an application.”

We look forward to sharing the news of our first successful applicants in April 2024.

Find out more and apply today.

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