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Our history

We’re a property management company, developer and council services provider – with a difference.

Qualis Group was created by Epping Forest District Council in 2019. A forward-thinking Council, it recognised that it could generate additional value for the District by establishing a Company to deliver some property-related Council services and infrastructure on its behalf.

By being in public ownership, the Company would remain accountable to the Council and its residents but able to act commercially to generate returns which could be reinvested back into the community.

Such a set-up offers the best of private and public service delivery.

It means that customer satisfaction, high-quality service delivery, regeneration and community investment drive our decision-making process. In parallel, by using our commercial skills and experience to deliver these services and assets in the most cost-efficient way, we aim not only to be financially self-sustaining but to create a surplus that can deliver even more community benefit.

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